George Soros flies under radar, strikes soft targets
Political World / November 30, 2016

Much noise has emanated from both the left and right concerning the large splash Soros’ head first cannonball into the Clinton funding pool made. For all this, over $25 million when summed, Soros got the privilege of painting a big L on his forehead while cavorting around in a parade of misfits with an ailing Alinskyite at the head, wheezing pneumonia into her dog whistle, her white flag flailing dangerously in paroxysms of semi-voluntary waves that the untrained eye could have easily mistaken for preemptive surrender. As bad as this defeat seems for Soros, it’s likely that he had foreseen it and invested in Clinton not so much to propel her to the White House, though he certainly would have been happy with that outcome, but as a referendum against the Trump phenomenon and the serious threat he perceives it posing to the ideals he holds dear. In this conception, George Soros didn’t expect his investment to generate a win but instead expected it only to detract from Trump’s mandate. In this he may well have succeeded. But it also seems to have served as a sort of interference play. A consequence of his huge loss to Clinton has been…

Securus Program Used for Christmas Communication
Inmate Communication / November 29, 2016

Being incarcerated can be a very challenging time for anyone. While losing your freedom and not being able to live your life as you want is very difficult, it can be equally difficult for your loved ones. The biggest challenge that many families face is not being able to see of speak to their loved ones on a regular basis. This can be even more difficult during the holidays.   While most people would prefer to celebrate Christmas and other holidays with their loved ones in person, a new video visitation service is making it easier for inmates to connect with their loved ones than ever before. The new product, which is provided by Securus Technologies, allows a prison or correctional facility to set up a secure and convenient video visitation portal for an inmate.   The way that the video visitation service is used will vary from each facility to the next. Typically, the facility will provide families and inmates with a schedule to ensure that as many inmates are able to use the system as possible. Others use the system as a reward program for good behavior.   The video visitation product is just the latest product that…

Raj Fernando is a brilliant business leader
Business Advisors , Raj Fernando / November 17, 2016

The financial industry is packed with brilliant minds and hardworking people. These smart and hardworking people are able to make millions for themselves and their clients, while also changing the way people think about the market. There are many people like this within the marketplace right now, but Raj Fernando is one of the brightest minds in the marketplace today. Raj Fernando started his career as a volunteer on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange while he was still in college. He quickly fell in love with the trading industry. He loved the excitement and opportunity that the trading industry presented. He knew he wanted to give his time and energy to the financial industry. When Raj graduated from college he immediately started his career as a trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. Fernando excelled as a trader, and he spent the nineties working at various positions at both the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and the Chicago Board of Trade. In 2002, Raj decided to launch his own trading company. Raj launched Chopper Trading in 2002. Chopper Trading quickly became a powerful name in the trading community. With Raj in charge, Chopper Trading quickly grew to more than 250 employees….