Securus Technology Reveals Falsified Claims By GTL
Inmate Communication / January 24, 2017

Serving more than three thousand firms, Securus Technologies is devoted and determined to bring justice and services to the civil justice department. The company solely takes cases regarding inmates and ensures that their criminal charges were justice. The company ensures that inmates are treated well in the prisons and that they get visitation and also following their new Securus Video Visitation, families and friends will be able to make video calls to inmates instead of driving miles to go there.  However, Securus Technologies made their press release that was aimed at correcting the allegations that the company had made.     According to the chief executive officer Richard Smith, GTL’s press release was based on incorrect information about the company. According to GTL, they have a few more months to prove that Securus Technologies violates the patent license they made. GTL adds that Securus Technologies had targets on three firms on IPR challenges patents. However Securus Technology corrects that these cases take so much time to be heard by a jury which means that GTL is making false statements to the press and the public.     However, Securus Technologies dispute the claims saying that they have been in business…

Bob Reina Discusses Talks Fusion’s Culture
Business / January 18, 2017

Bob Reina is the Founder and CEO Talk Fusion, a video communication business. This company is involved in social networking and video conferencing. Bob had been a Tampa Bay Police Officer and involved in network marketing before starting Talk Fusion in 2007. He started the company as he perceived there was too much difficulty in sending and receiving video over the internet. Bob has since built the company into the seventh largest video communications company in the world.   The idea for Talk Fusion came about when Mr. Reina wanted to email a video to his mother and was told by his provider at the time that it couldn’t be done. After getting help from friends in IT they were able to create a tool that enabled them to embed video into emails. A few years later Talk They have innovated with WebRTC Technology so that people can send videos to each other anywhere and anytime.   Bob Reina has also shown a passion for charitable work. He and Talk Fusion have been heavily involved with the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in saving the lives of animals. He also been involved in finding a new K-9 dog for a…

Bernardo Chua’s Mission To Save The World With Coffee
Asian , Bernardo Chua , Ganoderma / January 6, 2017

Bernardo Chua is someone who believes in the importance of health. He wants people to experience great health and live the life that they want. However, he has seen that a lot of people are at a challenge with a lot of the types of foods that are not the healthiest for them. Not only are they left to face certain physical health issues.  For one thing, diet is actually quite important to the overall health of the individual. Fortunately, Bernardo Chua has found something that is good for the health of the individual. This item that brings about greater health in the individual is called ganoderma. This item is an herb that was used in different Asian countries for health related purposes. Bernardo Chua has found ways to distribute it to different parts of the world. One of the ways is through coffee. Bernardo has founded Organo Gold in order to bring ganoderma to other parts of the world. That way, more people get to enjoy the drink and the benefits it brings to them. Bernardo has expanded the company to a few different territories like Turkey and United States. It has also come to be very successful as…

The Evolution of Doe Deere
Women in Business / January 6, 2017

From pink to purple to blue to yellow blonde to lavender to bright red, Doe Deere changes hair colors regularly. As the president of Lime Crime, vegan and cruelty-free makeup, Doe Deere leads the current fashion trends by making bright makeup colors popular. Her lip colors are a good example of that variety: “Blondie” is the palest of pinks, “Salem” is a wickedly dark red, and “Red Rose” is exactly the color you’d expect.   Doe Deere is originally from Russia. She immigrated here as a seventeen year old teen, just in time to embrace American culture. Deere attended FIT as a fashion design student contributing to her interest in making fashion statements. Now, through Lime Crime, she shakes up the fashion world seasonally.   She started Lime Crime in 2008. As the CEO, she forges the way by introducing bold makeup colors close to her heart. The mini velvetiness come in a selection of colors ranging from blue velve-tin to fuchsia velve-tin to red velve-tin, champagne and pink velve-tin. These lipsticks are transfer proof and they also come in three additional irresistible colors: “Lola”, a sandy beige matte, “Pink Champagne”, a golden pink metallic and “Elle”, apricot nude matte….

Oncotarget Is the Publication For Ongoing Oncology and Related Studies
Oncology Publication / January 6, 2017

Oncotarget is one of the leading publications for research papers, studies, and articles about oncology and related topics. Oncotarget has been publishing articles since 2010 from leading authors and researchers in the oncology and related fields. Oncotarget is made available on a weekly basis so that new information is offered as soon as possible to the medical community. Lives have been saved and prolonged by timely information that is received when it is new and fresh, as in many cases it is just what is needed at the time. Authors submit their papers and articles directly to the Editorial Board at Oncotarget. From there the manuscripts on are evaluated by editors who work in a peer to peer manner. This means that they are people of the same caliber as the author professionally, and they must be experts in the same field as is the author. The integrity of the information is what is important because of its sometimes sensitive nature, and this must be guarded at all costs. The evaluation process on Facebook looks for the merit of the articles, the hypotheses, its citations and proofs, and the uniqueness of the proposal. Care must be taken to submit…