Amazing Achievements of Helane Morrison
Women in Business / April 21, 2017

Helane Morrison is an American lawyer, businesswoman and a former director of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. She has worked as a chief compliance officer and general counsel at Hall Capital Partners since 2007.   Morrison has worked as the head of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. At the institution, she performed her chores as the regional director and also as the district administrator. She was the head of litigation, securities enforcement and regulatory matters in the Northwest States and Northern California.   Other areas included Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and northern Nevada. Morrison has also worked as the head of enforcement for the San Francisco SEC office. She has represented SEC excellently in business, legal, financial communities and other government agencies.   Morrison was born and raised in New York. She got her education at the Northwestern University where she graduated with a degree in journalism. Morrison attended the University of California School of Law. At the school of law, she performed her duties excellently as the editor of the California Law Review. She later qualified as juris doctor, and she was accepted to work in the State Bar of California in 1987.  …

George Street Photo and Video in NYC
Photography Experts / April 10, 2017

Born in a small basement apartment, George Street Photo and Video NYC has ballooned into a full fledge go to for wedding photography needs. These 3 photographers, Tim Muller, Dan Creviston and Michael McMahon started from humble beginnings. They took their passion for love and turned it into a thriving business. They have a strong passion for your big day. They have a knack for getting the job done and doing a great job while they are doing it. For ten years they have loved working together to capture your wedding with perfection. From their quality of work to their honesty and integrity, they have grown into what they are today, a compilation of folks who are just as compassionate about your day as you are. They are committed to capturing that perfect shot and all the quirks that your special day holds. They focus on your day so that you can focus on your big day.

Duda Melzer Life in Business
Business Matters / April 4, 2017

The business world is a great place to start to make an impact on those around. Duda Melzer is a great example of this. Through years of hard work, he has started to invest in areas to drive value and growth for him in the future. If you are ready to start building wealth, he can help you in a variety of ways. He truly believes in the impact that he is making on the lives of other people in his career and his business. Not only that, but he is ready to start taking things to the next level in other areas as well. RBS Group is a huge oil company that employs a lot of people. Although the pay is great, Duda Melzer still has to figure out how to drive results in his area of business. For more info; visit his profile. Duda Melzer Not only that, but you also have to start thinking about the ways in which you can figure out how to add value to others in a variety of areas in business. Duda Melzer understands how much people value his effort and support at RBS. He is investing in a lot of…

The Lung Institute Is Changing The Way We Think of Disease
Advanced Medical Treatments / April 4, 2017

The Stem Cell Effect Stem cell therapy has changed the way doctors treat disease forever. So many diseases were once considered impossible to treat, but stem cells have created a way to use the body’s naturally ability to heal itself to the advantage of the patient. We can see from the example of the NFL that stem cells have applications to the treatments of many diseases, see Lung diseases are a great example of diseases that can be treated with stem cell therapy to great effect. The Lung Institute Understands this and does everything it can to help patients with Lung Disease live longer and healthier lives with the aid of the medicine they can receive through their stem cell therapy. The results are easy to see in the testimonies of patient’s. Why It Matters To These Patients The patients treated with stem cell therapy are able to turn their lives around for good. Lung diseases such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder are known to ruin lives. Patients with these diseases are often forced to live attached to oxygen tanks and aren’t able to do basic things for themselves like lift heavy boxes. Thanks to stem…