Alex Pall on The Chainsmokers New Direction

March 29, 2018

The popular music scene has evolved greatly in recent years, with hit songs now often based more on an aural electronic feel rather than based around a major singer’s voice. Yet even as innovative DJ’s have taken over much of the music scene, things do keep evolving and circling back again to where they started. Case in point is the new single from The Chainsmokers, “Closer,” which features the vocals of music star Halsey, along with vocals from one half of the duo, Alex Pall.

Both Pall and bandmate Andrew Taggart were involved in the writing and creation of the new song, which marks a departure for the band. Pall and Taggart got together after one of the original members left the band, and they took the synth electronic band’s music to new levels together. Today, their shows sell out months in advance, and they tour constantly, always keeping in touch with the hottest sounds out there, while trying to stay ahead of the sound as well.

White Middle Class Guys

In the past, Pall and Taggart created an epic aural sound by sampling and adding their own synth sounds, to create an electronica feeling that is often dreamy. Both Pall and Taggart feel that it’s important to keep pushing the music forward, however, and by adding lyrics and their own vocals, they feel they are adding more of their own point of view to their music, and taking creative chances.

The two bandmates avoided writing lyrics in the past, feeling that as a couple of “white, middle-class guys,” they might not have the grittiness in their background to give them real street cred. Ultimately, however, they came to realize that their own point of view is valid, and that they should have the confidence to tell their own story the way they see it. The result is a new song that is captivating, and that takes the band into a whole new direction that is valid and creatively strong.

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