Barbara Stokes Is A Successful Businesswomen And Community Volunteer

June 17, 2018

Barbara Stokes is a hardworking businesswoman that has her own successful construction company that works to create homes, especially for disaster relief. Most of the time, Barbara is managing her time in order to maintain her leadership role at Green Structure Homes and be active with her family. This is what makes up Barbara’s life and that is why she is so good at it. With thirty years of experience, Barbara knows the in’s and out’s of business and construction and she loves her time doing it. Follow Barbara Stokes on

Green Structure Homes is located in Huntsville, Alabama, where Barbara Stokes lives as well. She active gets involved in her own community through her profession as well as through volunteer work. She doesn’t do all this by herself, including running the company. She does this alongside her husband who takes an equal part in the work, Scott Stokes. Most recently, Green Structure Homes has partnered up with FEMA in order to provide more solutions for housing around the country that are not just temporary, but permanent.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercer University with her degrees in physics and engineering back in 2001 and since has been dominating in her industry. Virtually all the subjects she studied in college she has been able to apply in her position as CEO for Green Structure Homes. Even before her time at GSH, Barbara Stokes was working for companies that required similar experience and skills, such as Boeing and Pisces.


There is a comfort in helping others through her work, which is what makes Barbara so good at her career. She is not only trying to build a future for herself and her family, but she actually enjoys going to work every day. As a businesswoman, Barbara Stokes has handled everything that the industry has to throw at her and still managed to come out on top. With a close-knit team that is as dedicated as she is about her work, Barbara is able to keep all areas of her business in check. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

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