Bruno Fagali, A Brazilian Attorney

February 6, 2018

Bruno Fagali a Brazilian attorney who specializes in Law, Compliance, Ethics, Administrative Law, Urban Law, and Regulatory Law. Bruno Jorge Fagali is one of the rising legal counselors from Brazil who is adding another measurement to the lawful arrangement of this country.

With years of lawful encounters and inside and out learning in Administrative Law, Bruno Fagali has made an extraordinary notoriety for himself. He has been included with various law offices since 2006 where drilled in various law disciplines. At this moment he fills in as the Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB and practices freely through his own particular organization named Fagali Law Firm. He is a skilled legal advisor and he speaks to experts, ventures, corporate administrators and other people who want an astounding administration. He has polished for a long time and he realizes what works and to maintain a strategic distance from.

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Expert in Administrative Law by FGV and PUC, Fagali holds a graduate degree in State Law from USP and his expert life is centered around managerial law concentrated on the territory of ​​Public Administration control (prominently in the counteractive action of demonstrations of authoritative mistake). “We should be cautious on the grounds that our mastery, open correspondence, produces question, particularly these days. What’s more, we would prefer not to enable our picture to be related with defilement. Thus, we are joining the CGU to allude our respectability program. Furthermore, we need to demonstrate that we are doing this no doubt: the preparation of representatives was shot and the messages sent to workers are joined to the venture, “fortifies Bob Vieira da Costa.

The usage of the Corporate Integrity Program and preparing of the groups of São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro is accountable for the Corporate Integrity Management, made to play this procedure. Bruno Jorge Fagali is mindful and, for this, has soundness in the position of two years. Bruno Jorge Fagali is a graduate from the University of Sao Paulo which is a university in Brazil that educates the majority of people in Brazil with Masters and PhD degrees.


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