Dr. Mark McKenna is Reinventing Elective Healthcare through OVME

September 30, 2017

Mark McKenna is a dedicated medical doctor licensed to perform surgery and practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia. He has earned respect in the community for his outstanding contributions towards eradicating poverty and supporting development projects. Dr. McKenna completed a medical course at the high-status Tulane University Medical School. After graduating, he joined his father in the medical field as an intern. He also launched a real estate development entity called McKenna Venture Investments.

A couple of years later, McKenna instituted the Uptown Title, Inc. and the famed Universal Mortgage Lending. These firms expanded to more than 50 workers and majored in finance, turnkey design-build, and real estate development services. McKenna launched OVME, a rapidly growing medical aesthetic firm, in July 2017.

When he is not overseeing the daily operations of OVME, McKenna enjoys spending quality time with his wife, Gianine McKenna, and his two children. He is a longtime member of the renowned Entrepreneurs Organization. He previously acted as a board member of two leading organizations: the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the famous New Orleans Jazz.

What drove McKenna to launch OVME?

McKenna started OVME after over ten years of serving in the medical aesthetics sector. He is using his exceptional educational background and expertise to transform OVME into the leading medical aesthetic company in the U.S.

How McKenna spends his day

McKenna begins his day at 06:30am and prepares breakfast for his family. Then, he showers and heads to the office. He begins to work at around 8am and leaves the office at 6 pm. After work, he joins his family for dinner. After having dinner with his family, he goes to Jiu-Jitsu training and works out until 9 pm. Afterwards, he returns home and completes a few business tasks before retiring to bed.

Implementing new ideas

McKenna ensures his firm is operating smoothly by setting realistic goals and exercising visualization. He also meditates once every day. According to him, meditation and goal setting are the main drivers of his success.

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