Dr. Mark Mofid- Putting Patients First

May 3, 2018

Throughout the years, there has been a lot of negative publicity about the gluteal augmentation industry. One man, Dr. Mark Mofid, decided to make it his mission to change that by coming up with a better solution for the implants.

Mark Mofid: Who is He?

Harvard and John Hopkins University are the schools he owes his education too. Also, he does volunteer as a clinical associate professor of plastic surgery at UCSD. Dr. Mark Mofid is a well-educated gentleman who dedicates his life to making sure the procedures he does for his patients are safe. It’s not about the money for him, it is all about the well being and happiness of his patients. You can find him practicing in the San Diego area.

To expand his knowledge in the plastic surgery industry, he works closely with a gentleman from Brazil named Dr. Raul Gonzalez. This doctor is recognized as being the most skilled in this industry worldwide. Also to continue expanding his knowledge, he continues to research for new ways to make the gluteal augmentation industry better.

A New Implant Model

Due to his knowledge and wanting to make the plastic surgery procedures safer, Dr. Mofid spent many years researching a way to make implants better. He wanted to design implants that work better with each and everybody, that would have lasting results, and would be safer. Who wouldn’t want implants that wouldn’t sag or cause any problems?

Dr. Mark Mofid did come up with a low profile implant that simply is better than the really outdated ones. These are safer to have in your body, the procedures are less invasive, and offer an all around much better experience.

If you are looking into getting breast implants, a butt lift, or any other procedure completed that he may offer, then Dr. Mark Mofid is a doctor who has everything you would hope for and more in a doctor. With the safety of his patients always coming first, you know you are in good hands. Not to mention is staff is absolutely amazing also which includes his wife.



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