Fabletics: A One Of A Kind Active wear Brand

October 9, 2017

When it comes to brands that have taken the activewear segment by storm, Fabletics is a well-known name. The company was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg in collaboration with Hollywood actress Kate Hudson. The three business partners have worked well together to form a brand that would take over the category. Don and Adam are brilliant and business and marketing and know what a company needs to be successful. Kate, on the other hand, had a lot of information about fashion and the fitness industry. Combining the two ideas was something that was needed in the industry, which is what lead to the foundations of Fabletics. Today, the company is worth millions of dollars and works out to be an incredibly successful business venture for people to invest into. The company also believes in constantly expanding beyond their current customers, which is why they recently formed a collaboration with Demi Lovato, to release her line of clothing embossed with the lyrics of her latest hits. She has now become one of the new faces of the brand, and a person who is well versed in the fitness industry.


Fabletics is all about comfortable activewear. For those who want to stay fit and active, there are numerous options that one can undertake. No matter what the activity you like to engage in, there is always something that you can try out. The company takes good care to ensure that they have multiple lines of clothing that are released at regular times so that their site stays updated with the latest in the fashion industry. Those who want to buy from the brand have to log online onto the brand’s website and start out there. When they first enter the site, you are given a prompt to show you the kind of activities one engages in and the kind of clothing that they were for them. This allows them to function well, giving their customers something that they would like. Since customers have to give the site their preferences, the site will only show them options that are fit for their fitness regime, and which they can order instantly.This makes for smart and customer savvy shopping, and also cuts the time that people spend looking at clothing in stores. It makes the entire process of shopping online a lot easier and tailored to personal preferences. The site has become one of the most visited activewear sites in America and has a huge following of millions of fans from all over the country. Fabletics has tried their best to be innovative and out of the box with all that they do.


When it comes to advertising or marketing, Fabletics is always one step ahead of the competition and knows what they need to do to grab attention. The company has tried out some of the most innovative strategies and marketing plans so that they can help the people identify more with the brand, and in turn, buy their products that they sell.

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