Foreign Trusts Increase in New Zealand

October 24, 2016

Geoffrey cone and Karen Marshall work as the principles in a law firm known as Cone Marshall. The law firm is based in New Zealand, and it specializes in international tax and trust laws. Cone Marshal has grown to become an international institution that has transformed the lives of any individuals around the globe.

Before Karen Joined Cone Marshall in the year 2005 after she had worked in a law firm in London for over ten years. She is very experienced in commercial litigation matters, and this is one of the reasons she has been successful in her career. She joined Cone Marshall in 2005 and worked hard to earn the Principle title in 2006. She serves as an advisor to the statutory trustee companies. She is also in charge of managing trusts.

Geoffrey Cone has been practicing since 1980. He also specializes in global trust, trustee and trust management products and tax planning. He has played a crucial role in the success of the company, and he is also one of the most influential lawyers in New Zealand.

Under the leadership of the two principals, Cone Marshall has been successful. The company works with international families and advisors by helping them in establishing partnership and corporations, New Zealand trusts and providing global wealth and tax planning advice.

In the recent past, the country has registered an increased number of the foreign trusts. According to Geoffrey Cone, these types of trusts were very rare in the past, but they are increasing. Geoffrey attributes this growth to the fact that New Zealand is globally recognized and respected as a stable, safe and with high jurisdiction law that governs all the trust activities. The global reputation in this country proves that New Zealand is a safe place for individuals to base their assets.

Since it was established several years ago, Cone Marshall tries to ensure that it adheres to all the principles of tax and trust transparency. The company also assures its international clients that they will receive the most valuable advice, especially in tax and trust laws.

Just recently, Geoffrey Cone explained to the citizens of his country why New Zealand trusts are becoming popular among other nations and rare in the locals. The lawyer says that most of the people in the country believe that these trusts are made for the wealthy individuals.

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  • Surine Jenine November 23, 2016 at 12:01 pm

    However, this is not the case. The trust regulations in the country are transparent to any government, and anyone can get valuable information about them. It could have been superior writing services which is something that they could do about it.