FreedomPop Has Truly Established Themselves As A Low-Cost Carrier

December 1, 2016

The establishment of the FreedomPop company has been one of the greatest things to come to wireless services in years, especially since their entire structure is meant to be based on free services. It’s not only free cell phone service that FreedomPop wants to offer but Internet services too. The different services that are free of charge from FreedomPop may have their limits, but no one can beat ‘free,’ especially when other companies won’t give any of their services for free. Even if a customer chooses a paid service plan, they can still save an incredible amount of money when they choose FreedomPop.


A FreedomPop review of services clearly shows they are a great value for anyone who is tired of being under contract with any wireless carrier, and since FreedomPop doesn’t have contracts, many more people are starting to choose their company for wireless services. Even if the person chooses to get a hotspot from FreedomPop, the portable hotspot only requires a down payment that’s refundable, and the hotspot will also come with free service each month of 500 MB of data. The hotspot also will have additional plans that can be chosen to add more data to the service.


Even the free cell phone service can be extended as well, whether the person pays to extend the service or chooses other options that are free of cost. One way to extend the free service is by using Wi-Fi, which is readily available in so many different areas. Most people have easy access to Wi-Fi service, but those with the need for Wi-Fi service can choose the FreedomPop Wi-Fi service that will only set them back five dollars per month. If the person chooses to only use the Wi-Fi service, then they can pay five dollars per month for talk, text, and web with FreedomPop.


Even the Wi-Fi service that is connected to via the app on a cell phone can help to extend the data usage on the phone, especially when using the free plan. The paid plans that FreedomPop has starts at $10.99 with unlimited talk, text and with 500 MB of data. The data on the paid plan can also connect to Wi-Fi service as well.

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