George Soros flies under radar, strikes soft targets

November 30, 2016

Much noise has emanated from both the left and right concerning the large splash Soros’ head first cannonball into the Clinton funding pool made. For all this, over $25 million when summed, Soros got the privilege of painting a big L on his forehead while cavorting around in a parade of misfits with an ailing Alinskyite at the head, wheezing pneumonia into her dog whistle, her white flag flailing dangerously in paroxysms of semi-voluntary waves that the untrained eye could have easily mistaken for preemptive surrender.

As bad as this defeat seems for Soros, it’s likely that he had foreseen it and invested in Clinton not so much to propel her to the White House, though he certainly would have been happy with that outcome, but as a referendum against the Trump phenomenon and the serious threat he perceives it posing to the ideals he holds dear. In this conception, George Soros didn’t expect his investment to generate a win but instead expected it only to detract from Trump’s mandate. In this he may well have succeeded. But it also seems to have served as a sort of interference play. A consequence of his huge loss to Clinton has been that his far more successful activities have gone mostly undetected by mainstream sources.

Big scores in little contests
What has thus-far gone mostly unnoticed is Soros’ considerably smaller, but also more numerous and successful, contributions to local political races. Seen from this angle, Soros really does start to appear crazy like a fox. After dumping $25 million into Clinton’s doomed campaign all talk focuses around that one story. Meanwhile, back at headquarters master strategist George Soros is calling the real shots and racking up victory after victory. And all this flies almost totally under the mainstream radar.

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One of Soros’ most successful recent sorties against what he perceives as atavistic conservatism has been his march through the prosecutorial offices of the South. For example, he almost single-handedly unseated the incumbent Jeff Ashton by donating the near entirety of his then-unknown progressive opponent, Aramis Ayala. This donation amounted to over $1.4 million and ultimately propelled Ms. Ayala to county prosecutor. The strategic importance of such a victory almost can’t be overstated.

County prosecutors have one of the most powerful jobs in the criminal justice system. In fact, their de-facto power mostly exceeds the de-jure power of judges. The reason is simple: prosecutors have the unchecked discretion to not bring charges. Secondarily, and perhaps less understood, is that prosecutors also have the discretion to effectively win or lose cases once charges have been brought. The mechanisms of this are beyond the scope of this article but they reduce to two things. First, the plea bargain.

Suffice it to say, George Soros is no fool. The fact that his backing has been a decisive factor in progressive candidates winning across the country is testament to his strategic acumen. Through these victories, Soros is changing the shape of the U.S. criminal justice system. For his opponents, he remains a force to be respected and feared.

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