How MB2 Dental Solutions Helps Dentists Like Dr. Akhil Reddy

June 24, 2017

MB2 Dental Solutions is a company that provides dental management services to sole dental practitioners. The company is based in Carrolton, Texas and has more than 70 affiliated practices in six states. They provide office services that enable dentists to focus on what they do best and love best about their profession which is providing the highest care to their patients.

Running a dental practice as a sole practitioner has both its good and bad points as opposed to working in a group practice. The good points are that you don’t have to deal with bureaucracy and have the freedom of operating your own business where you don’t answer to someone higher up than you. Learn more about Dr. Akhil Reddy:

The downside is that you have to manage all of the business aspects of your company which not all dentists enjoy doing. Also, the smaller scope means that a sole dentist doesn’t have access to the latest technology as easily as someone does in a group practice as they don’t have the same economy of scale. According to The Bro Talk, MB2 Dental Solutions provides a solution that marries the best aspects of a sole practice with that of a group practice.

The dentists that partner with MB2 Dental Solutions maintain complete clinical autonomy as MB2 Dental is in no way part of the dentist-patient relationship. Instead, they take over whichever parts of the business the dentist would rather outsource. This can include, at the discretion of the dentist, Compliance, IT, Recruiting, Marketing as well as other areas.

One of the dentists that has joined MB2 Dental Solutions is Dr. Akhil Reddy. He owns a number of dental locations which he can run far more effectively by using the business services that MB2 Dental provides. His offices are in a number of Texas cities which he rotates between and has dentists that he oversees. One of his core beliefs is to provide affordable healthcare to all of his patients as oral care makes up a big part of people being healthy.

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