Hussain Sajwani – A Successful Entrepreneur and a Generous Philanthropist

June 21, 2017

Hussain Sajwani is an exemplary businessman with a proven track record in the field of real estates. He started Damac Properties with the aim to provide luxurious and modern real estate infrastructure to the modern buyers, and today the company is a preferred choice of the affluent society in the Middle East when it comes to real estate investment and purchases, whether it is in commercial arena or the residential.



Hussain Sajwani was recently in the news due to his close relationship with the United States President, Donald Trump. Damac owner has known Trump for many years, and their respective real estate development firms have worked together on some projects. Recently, Damac Properties is constructing two Golf course integrated residential complexes in the heart of Dubai, and it is being developed in collaboration with the Trump Organization. Not only does Trump and Hussain Sajwani know each other well, but the Hussain Sajwani family is also known to share friendly relations with the Trump’s family.



Hussain Sajwani started his entrepreneurial career by founding Al Jazeera Services, which is a catering and support services firm that offered its services globally. The company runs smoothly till date, and even after the massive success Damac Properties achieved, Hussain Sajwani continues to monitor the business development of Al Jazeera services with equal importance. Al Jazeera Services is one of the market leaders in its field and presently handles close to 200 projects while serving over 150,000 meals every day.



Hussain Sajwani is a self-made billionaire and has an estimated net worth of close to $3.8 billion. The Forbes ranks him as the third-richest person in the United Arab Emirates, and thanks to his global investment and expansion of the Damac Properties, his net worth continues to rise annually at a staggering pace. Hussain Sajwani continues to work hard till date and doesn’t let complacency set it as he understands the evils of rising competition.


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  • Adams Jilly July 25, 2018 at 11:04 am

    Hussain Sajwani is otherwise called a liberal humanitarian and was as of late in the news for giving AED 2 million out of an exceptionally respectable purpose to give apparel to 1 million kids on the planet. There are so many things that assignment help could do all that they need which is to ensure everything works so well for them too.