Malcolm CasSelle: All Things Video Games and Platforms

November 17, 2017

Malcolm CasSelle is an entrepreneur as well as Chief Technology Officer and President of a company called Tronc Inc. He is a man who is well known in the video game world. He has made it easier for gamers to try out new games on a platform called WAX which stands for Worldwide Asset eXchange.

Malcolm CasSelle is a very impressive young man. He received his Master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University. He also received a Bachelor’s degree from MIT in the same category. he is also an avid businessman having taken early stock in companies like Facebook, Zynga, and Bitcoin. In an article for Malcolm CasSelle explains how the WAX platform can not only be used for video games and virtual assets but how it can be used for physical assets too.

WAX is a platform in video games that a person can use in order to buy things to use in that particular game. Now the platform will move to a more token based system. This will make it much easier for players to go to marketplaces for their favorite games and purchase the items the player needs to advance in the game.

One thing that WAX developers and players have to keep in mind is the safety of the platform being used. One way to make sure that the assets are taken care of responsibly is to have people called Transfer Agents make sure the transaction goes smoothly. If the Transfer Agent does not do his job properly then it can affect their reputation in the gaming industry. Guilds are committees that make sure Transfer Agents are on the level. If they are not then they will not be recommended for future games.

This platform can also apply to physical assets as well. For example, a person can use the tokens he or she has saved up to buy a part of an Aston Martin car. This is how fast the platform is growing.

The world of technology is constantly evolving and moving forward. Malcolm CasSelle is on the cutting-edge of this astonishing reality.


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