Money for a cause

August 4, 2017

Dick DeVos is no stingy businessman. In fact, his works alone can more than attest to this fact: He has given away beyond $139 million dollars to charities and individuals of promise in his lifetime and not without the help of his beautiful sidekick and wife, Betsy. The DeVoses have made a lasting impact upon their society for the better, and that’s why MLive chose to recently interview them and place an article all about the interview online. You may view the article for yourself right here while finding links to the DeVoses’ social media pages and more.


$139 million is no small number but only a minimal one compared to the one expected in, for instance, 20 years from now as Dick so well states: He hopes to top his record many a time in years to come and says that no amount to give is ever quite big enough as needs will always rise; he also affirms that his wife, Betsy, plans to be right there with him, every step of the way. The DeVoses have always contributed to charities and causes together – as a team – and plan only on keeping that way. They also do, however, receive certain input from the other invaluable team members – their four offspring. Dick and Betsy have four children and four grandchildren, all of whom they consider no less than valued team members.


On a rather funny note, sometimes the younger team members – the DeVos children – will tell their parents to donate more than they currently put down, reminding them that they can “go even farther than that“. It’s inspiring to watch: The DeVos children have learned to give from the heart, and they obviously learned from the very best. Dick has mentioned, many a time, that those who teach their children to give at an early age develop true philanthropists from the roots up and will have solid contributors for life. That’s why it’s important to educate your children now, while you still have a chance, and not let the media or someone else do it for you.


Speaking of education, did you know that Dick’s wonderful wife Betsy proudly holds her position as United States Secretary of Defense? Did you also know that Dick and his wife have quite a wonderful, unique history of supporting past Republican candidates and even forerunners? Yes, this couple loves the opportunity to keep a solid education, along with countless core American values and principles, in place as much as possible.


Dick also used to work for The NBA Orlando Magic. He was the CEO. He has also worked for Amway Group at one point, further leading strategic initiatives.


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