NGP Van Digitalizing Political Campaigns

August 24, 2018

When federal elections in the USA are tight contests, volunteers for political parties spend considerable time, money and effort in ensuring that the campaign of their candidate is successful. Besides the traditional door to door campaign, today’s campaigns have become hi-tech. Political parties use the internet and social media to effectively canvass and persuade voters.

Professor David Broockman and Professor Joshua Kalla of Stanford University and UC Berkeley conducted research on the impact of different forms of campaigning in general elections. The study found that only about 800 voters were persuaded to vote using the door to door campaigning method.

Political parties soon recognized the need for digital campaigning to persuade more voters through the internet. NGP VAN is a leading progressive web hosting service and voter database that helps to make the campaign of the Democratic party go digital. Their database helps the party to quickly get information about their voter base. Volunteers can focus on campaigning and be persuading these voters and make their campaign more effective. The database helps in strategic canvassing and ensuring that volunteers canvassing for the Democratic Party knock on the right doors.

NGP VAN has also developed a mobile app for iOS and Android devices called the MiniVan. The app gives all the information required by a volunteer during the campaign. The volunteer can also instantly upload and update details of interested voters to the database. This automated update helps volunteers save hours of valuable time and effort during the campaign. NGP Van gives important information about the type of voter so that the volunteer can use the appropriate method of canvassing. They can inform the volunteer for example to canvass about the views of the candidate about veterans when campaigning in the household of a veteran.

NGP VAN promotes many progressive campaigns in keeping with their progressive outlook. Their female employees hosted a ‘Day Without a Woman’ by volunteering with organizations that support women in Washington DC. Their purpose in hosting ‘Day Without a Woman’ was to acknowledge and promote the invaluable role played by women of all ages backgrounds and ethnicities to the workplace. NGP VAN is a leading software company based in Washington DC and their efforts to promote gender equality showcases the progressive values of the company that has a background of automating and digitalizing the campaigns of candidates representing progressive parties under the aegis of the US Democratic Party.

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