Nick Vertucci releases inspirational book-Available on Amazon

July 29, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a key leader in the business sector, he is a successful investor in the real estate industry, and he has done so much for the industry is now regarded as one of the best investors in the industry. His success journey has not been long, but his experience is one that will leave every investor inspired to do the right thing. To make everyone understand the journey he took before he became successful, he has written a book entitled “Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed” to help other people learn from his experiences.

Nick Vertucci leaves everyone without a doubt about his abilities as an investor. He has managed to rise from zero to a millionaire in a very short time and through the right means. Everything Nick Vertucci has is a result of hard work. Now he is not only a real estate investor but an author who owns a bestselling book on Amazon. In just a short period that it has been available, it has sold over 1000 copies. The book has also received a recommendation from Kevin Harrington if the famous Shark Tank. He has described the book as a master key for anyone looking for a book that will inspire them and drive out the fear they have.

Nick Vertucci has shared his journey in this book. He has shown that it is possible to turn things around if you have the right commitment. When he joined the real estate sector, he had lost everything that he owned in the previous business. He was one of the people who lost everything in the crash. Nick Vertucci used to run a computer accessories shop which went down with the crash. He, however, rose up and came up with a decision to join the real estate sector where he has excelled.

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