Organo Gold: The Best Health Choice

August 26, 2018

As time continues to progress, there are significant factors revealed to people that health matters life. In fact, Organo Gold is reaching the interest of a lot of clients because of how well it transforms the body back to a natural health state. Founded in 1997, Bernardo Chua has a vision that involved helping other people obtains strength and happiness again. With his hard work and research, Chua developed a tea and coffee that would later on sell billions of boxes. In detail, the tea and coffee distribution grew to a great success, and ironically, people began to feel much better. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Primarily, Organo Gold is based out of the Philippines. As the research began to unfold new innovative ways to help people, Chua introduced tablets as an additional way to restore the body’s functional abilities. Currently, the company is ranked number one in coffee sales around the world. In spite of starting off with less than 10 employees, Organo Gold continues to strive to reach heights that no other distribution company has ever done.


In reality, the coffee has be introduced to healthy home markets, coffee shops, and doughnut shops as an alternate for those who are seeking to assist their body back to homeostasis. As a bonus, there are some barbershops that provide the coffee and tea for their clients as well (2018). Overall, the company is found in 51 countries around the world. To increase sales, Chua invented a variety of coffees, including lattes, mochas, and hot chocolates. If you purchase a box of Organo Gold lattes, you will definitely be happy about your decision. Follow Organo Gold on

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