Ronald Fowlkes Has An Inspirational Story That Led To His Current Success In The Business World:

June 6, 2018

Ronald Fowlkes is a businessman from St. Louis, Missouri who has made a name for himself working in the tactical gear industry. His path to this career destination was a long and very interesting one. Ronald had several other careers before immersing himself in the world of entrepreneurship. His fascinating track to becoming a Business Development Manager with First Spear Tactical saw him first find success serving in the military and working in the law enforcement industry. More importantly, these experienced would provide Ronald Fowlkes with many of the tools that he utilizes today to achieve success in his current line of work.


Ronald Fowlkes has always talked about how had a drive to work to be the very best version of himself that he could possibly be. This drive led him to enter the United States Marine Corps upon his high school graduation. He enlisted in the Marines in 1989 and began a military career that would see him distinguish himself. Ronald received the highest levels of military training due to his service in the Marines and he also learned invaluable skills in time management and commitment. These skills have translated perfectly into his current endeavors in the business world. Twice during his term of duty, Ronald was promoted based on merit. He is also a proud veteran of the Gulf War. Ronald’s service in the Marines lasted from 1989 until 1993.


By 1993, Ronald Fowlkes made the decision to enter the next chapter of his life. He was passionate about military service but he was also passionate about doing what he felt was best for his family. Not wanting to continue to put his family through the constant rigours of military deployment, Ronald decided to return to civilian life but he still wanted to continue to give back to his country. This led him into the world of police work. For the next thirteen years, Ronald Fowlkes served on both of the major police departments in the St. Louis, Missouri area. This experience was rewarding to Ronald on a personal level but it also continued to add to his skill set in a way that would make him ideally suited to running the sales department for a major tactical gear company.


Ronald’s career in the tactical gear industry with First Spear Tactical got going when his police career had ended. He now puts to use the skills that he gained in the military and the police force to use on a daily basis. His expertise in the use of tactical equipment is truly impressive and his ability to get any job he puts his mind to is truly impressive. Ronald Fowlkes spends his time engaged in working with First Spear’s customer base that includes clients ranging from the military and police industries to the sporting realm. He also conducts training for the company’s sales associates.


Ronald has also found a way to indulge in his passion for hockey in his off time from work. He trains his son’s hockey team in their office conditioning program and helps the team out in maintaining their equipment. Ronald Fowlkes is a lifelong hockey fan, family man and a person who loves to give back to the community. This opportunity provides him the chance to do all three in one place.


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