Search For Passion Fulfilment By Brian Torchin

December 13, 2016

Having graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science, Brian Torchin engaged himself in chiropractic medicine right from the word go. He was in this field for quite a long time. While in practice, Brian noted how hard it was for medical practitioners to find steady jobs which motivated him to the next step in his life of health.

In 2005, he founded Heath Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC) which he runs to date. It is a website that brings medical practitioners and medical employers together; it’s a job site for all medical staff, be it the chiropractors, dental practitioners, physical therapist, practicing nurses and so much more.

The HCRC site doesn’t just pick and drop practitioners. Instead, its staff takes the job seekers through a counseling session to help them know what to expect, scrutinizes them to know how ready they are and to shape their character for the future. HCRC provides jobs as soon as they’re available to the qualifying seekers. In the end, every practitioner gets placed in the right job at HCRC.

Looking at Brian Torchin, one can conclude that he is a selfless individual who has used his robust experience in the job industry to make it easier and more tolerable for others in the same industry.

If you go through his social sites, the Facebook and the Twitter, for example, he posts more about his job, achievements and the vacancies available. That’s entirely human as this reaches to many people. We could call him a work maniac, but I bet he not only works but also puts a little play, considering his Degree in Exercise Science.

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  • Ayle Jay February 11, 2017 at 10:23 am

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