Securus Program Used for Christmas Communication

November 29, 2016

Being incarcerated can be a very challenging time for anyone. While losing your freedom and not being able to live your life as you want is very difficult, it can be equally difficult for your loved ones. The biggest challenge that many families face is not being able to see of speak to their loved ones on a regular basis. This can be even more difficult during the holidays.


While most people would prefer to celebrate Christmas and other holidays with their loved ones in person, a new video visitation service is making it easier for inmates to connect with their loved ones than ever before. The new product, which is provided by Securus Technologies, allows a prison or correctional facility to set up a secure and convenient video visitation portal for an inmate.


The way that the video visitation service is used will vary from each facility to the next. Typically, the facility will provide families and inmates with a schedule to ensure that as many inmates are able to use the system as possible. Others use the system as a reward program for good behavior.


The video visitation product is just the latest product that has been provided by Securus. The company is one of the leading providers of security and communications services and products to correctional facility and the law enforcement industry. The company currently services over one thousand different locations across the country, which ultimately house over one million inmates. The Dallas based firm provides a wide range of products that help to ensure that a facility is a safer and more efficient place to live, work, and visit.


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