Securus Technology Reveals Falsified Claims By GTL

January 24, 2017

Serving more than three thousand firms, Securus Technologies is devoted and determined to bring justice and services to the civil justice department. The company solely takes cases regarding inmates and ensures that their criminal charges were justice. The company ensures that inmates are treated well in the prisons and that they get visitation and also following their new Securus Video Visitation, families and friends will be able to make video calls to inmates instead of driving miles to go there.  However, Securus Technologies made their press release that was aimed at correcting the allegations that the company had made.



According to the chief executive officer Richard Smith, GTL’s press release was based on incorrect information about the company. According to GTL, they have a few more months to prove that Securus Technologies violates the patent license they made. GTL adds that Securus Technologies had targets on three firms on IPR challenges patents. However Securus Technology corrects that these cases take so much time to be heard by a jury which means that GTL is making false statements to the press and the public.



However, Securus Technologies dispute the claims saying that they have been in business with GTL and formed mutual licenses with them, up until now when they want to sue for no apparent reason considering they own more patents than GTL. Mr. Smith goes ahead to advice GTL that these cases take up so much time and resources and therefore instead of wasting these resources, they should just take up their challenge.

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  • Heavenly Louie May 4, 2017 at 11:23 am

    GTL also alleges that Securus Technologies is a bully in the industry with the aim of taking cash from businesses for the patent alliances that they make with other companies. The fact is that custom writing services has made it a lot easier for Securus Technologies to have this in display for them too.