Sentient AI Providing AI Technology that Helps E-Commerce Companies With Improving Conversion Rates

January 14, 2018

Shopping trends have changed entirely in the last few years, and most of the focus has gone to the online shopping. The e-commerce sector is experiencing tremendous growth, and it is mainly because shopping online has become very easy and convenient. The e-commerce companies are trying new ways to lure customers to online shopping sites and switch from offline shopping to online shopping. The e-commerce industry has been growing consistently every year, and new technologies are being developed to help the e-commerce companies fare better.

Sentient AI is a company that is known to provide a wide range of AI technology-based products and services. One of the AI based features offered by Sentient AI is the e-commerce recommendation engine. It helps the e-commerce websites to showcase the recommended products to the consumers. It works like a salesperson at the site and helps the consumers find the right product for themselves without wasting time. Sentient AI has been around for many years, and its primary goal is to build innovative technologies using the power of artificial intelligence. It is due to the artificial intelligence that whenever you open an e-commerce website, you get to see the products that are based on your preference and past orders. The artificial intelligence technology processes many different factors in real time to showcase to the consumers what they can buy.

As the e-commerce sites have potentially thousands of products in one category, using such technology is essential. It would help in ensuring that the people who are not that tech savvy are also able to find the right product for themselves within seconds. Also, it makes the consumers feel more connected to the site and most of all; it shows that the company genuinely cares about the customers. For the companies, e-commerce personalization helps in ways more than one to improve the conversion rates. The personalization effect always impresses the customers and increases sales, and most of the companies who have gone ahead and used e-commerce personalization has witnessed massive surges in sales. Learn more about Sentient at

E-commerce personalization is the key to providing better customer experience online. Without the help of customization, it is difficult to compete or survive in the e-commerce industry in today’s date. The e-commerce companies looking to enhance their revenue and enjoy an excellent market reputation, going for e-commerce personalization are essential. Personalization has proven to help the e-commerce companies improve their brand value and market reputation.

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