Setting The Pace With Criminals With Securus Technologies Drone Detection

March 26, 2018

Our track record speaks for itself when it comes to technological solutions. We have partnered with correctional facilities to deter the use of contraband mobile phones in jails.

We install an antenna that has a strong network that is enough to attract all incoming and outgoing calls and texts within the prison area.

The network works like the ordinary one, but it chooses which calls to allow and which ones to block. This keeps the jail management in the loop on any communication to and from the inmates.

This has delivered results in the prevention and investigation of crimes among other illegal activities in the correctional facilities.

We will use a similar digital antennae network to prevent drones from flying in and out of jail cells. This technology is comparatively new, and we are working hand in hand with communication technology experts to design, install and implement this program.

Law enforcement and correctional agencies have lauded our system, currently under the trial phase, because of the system has already identified new techniques used by inmates.

Other than the law enforcement agencies, our efforts to secure inmates and the public have been recognized at the 2018 Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service.

The award aims to reward accomplishments and distinguished contributions of businesses in various sectors.

It brings together organizations from the public, private, and charity sectors. The awards are divided into seven programs covering Germany, America and the rest of the world under the international category.

The award also seeks to recognize women in business, outstanding customer service, and the best employers.

We took home the gold award for customer service complaints. Our customer service manager won silver for the customer service professional of the year. Our video visitation team scooped bronze in the front line customer service team.

We beat more than 600 nominees for the awards from the USA and more than 2500 nominees globally. This shows how dedicated we are to making the world a safer place for you.

We attribute this success to hard work, excellent customer service, and decisive solutions to customer complaints.

We will continue to assist law enforcement agencies and correctional facilities through information sharing, communication, biometric analysis, wireless containment systems, drone detection systems and more to ensure we make the world a better and safer place for you.

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