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May 23, 2018

In many ways, the healthcare industry is the most important industry of all. In many people’s opinion, this industry needs to be prioritized in any and all political and social agenda’s around the world. Specifically, the senior health care system needs the most improvement. With this being the case in many places around the world, senior healthcare their systems just need urgent improvements but, they are rapidly deteriorating. In another word, senior healthcare systems are shutting down because of lack of funds and support from governments and people as well.

Although this is unfortunate, we still need to recognize successful senior healthcare systems such Sussex Healthcare. In fact, the world needs to look towards organizations such as Sussex Healthcare for ways to improve their own systems. Based in the United Kingdom, reviews and statistics will show how successful Sussex Healthcare has been throughout its entire history. As a matter of fact, Sussex Healthcare is coming up on 25 successful years providing nothing less than quality senior healthcare. More than anything, the fact that they have been as successful as they have for more than two decades shows how successful they really are. Needless to say, Sussex Healthcare lets their services and products do the talking for them. Having said all of that, let’s discuss more on Sussex and how they have lasted as long as they have as a senior healthcare system.


Sussex & 25 Successful Years of Healthcare
In an article on the 25 years of success for Sussex, in addition to discussing the many accolades in the organization’s history, we are also given insight on some of the leaders that have helped Sussex reach success. For Sussex, they have had the pleasure and honor of having Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina as two of the leaders. Obviously successful in their own career’s, both of these individuals have been extremely beneficial for Sussex. Furthermore, the article also talks about the future of Sussex. Considering they have lasted for 25 years with great feedback from many sources, we can assume that they will last for another 25 years with the same success. More than anything, this is a credit to Sussex and the top of the line staff, members, and the types of care that they give to seniors. Thanks to Sussex, the healthcare industry has a model of success on which they can base their very own healthcare systems.

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