The Brain behind Securus Technologies Success- Rick Smith

November 28, 2017

Securus Technologies has been a high tech company since time immemorial. It ensures that the inmates in the correctional services keep in touch with their families. Through their CEO, Rick Smith, the firm has helped make a major difference in the prisons. The company has helped in facilitating the communication of incarnated individuals with their loved ones. This is important because this helps quicken the reformation process. The prisoners want to finish their sentence and join their loved ones who supported them in jail.

These gadgets are very reliable. The users say that the customer care services are also efficient. Through the devices, the authorities have also solved crimes. This is because their tools cannot be cracked by any hacker.Rick Smiths passion for videos has also led the company to invent video calls for the inmates. Rick Smith argues that a visit is more satisfactory when the two parties get to see each other. Relatives and friends of convicts have praised this innovation.

Rick Smith has been able to make this possible because of his educational success and experience. Rick Smith has a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. He also has a master’s degree in Engineering and Mathematics. Rick Smith is also an MBA holder. The education is crucial to every CEO. This is because it is the education that helps the individual in understanding the terminologies and technical part of the business. It also gives the CEO the fundamentals of running a business.

Then there is the experience. Experience is what makes an individual unique. This is because it teaches you different ways of handling tasks. Employing all these techniques molded in your way is what transforms a venture into a mastermind no one can match. Rick Smith had worked in various companies before his appointment as the CEO of Securus Technologies. He had a chance to work in different departments. This helped in understanding what happens in different units of the company. Using this knowledge, he can balance the input of all the agencies. This is crucial because failure in one office could lead to adverse effects on the entire success of the company. Rick Smith worked as the chief executive officer of Eschelon-Telkom before moving to Securus Technologies. Here he made a significant difference. When he joined the company, the revenue was $30 million per year. By the time he left, the company’s revenue was at $350 million.

Final Verdict

Rick Smith is committed and dedicated to his work. He is also a futurist. He hopes that in future all detention facilities will be able to access the Securus technology. Rick Smith has improved the lives of the incarnated individuals and their families. They are glad for the reliability and convenience of their gadgets.

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