The Dedicated Audio Engineer, Clay Hutson

March 13, 2018

Clay Hutson is a renowned manager in production and also has quite some talent when it comes to sound engineering. In 2005, he and the Garbage band were involved in a world tour. Clay served as a monitor engineer at the time. He also took part in the Honda Civic Tour where he showed his expertise with the One Republic rigging system. His love for live music has seen him grow in the industry and participate in various functions that have been significant in the music industry. Having acquired various skills along the way, Clay Hutson decided it was time to start his own business. As much as it involved a high amount of risk, Clay was determined that this was the right call for his career.



Clay develops new designs and audio with the help of computer designs. He has to very closely monitor his equipment as he wants it to fit in well with the type of concert he plays at. Over the years, he has shown great dedication to his work and this has made him a reliable source for his clients. Additionally, he has gotten a couple of recommendations for his professionalism and working round the clock to satisfy his clients. In the music industry, there is no room for mistakes. Clay makes sure that he thoroughly checks his work and adequately prepares for his shows to make sure that everything is seamless. Writing tasks down always assists Clay, whether it is the arrangement of equipment or what to carry and where to place it, in making sure that everything is properly set up for the performance. Good arrangement of the equipment goes a long way in determining how the project for the day turns out.


With the advancement of technology, Clay has to make sure he is up to date with current trends and equipment to give the clients what is best. A good example is the lighting equipment that has been made lighter and more portable. Additionally, Clay Hutson believes in creativity at work and therefore strives to bring this to his client instead of going with what is in the limelight at the moment. As much as Clay works hard all day, he believes that a family is something valuable and ought to be well taken care of. He is also a strong believer in creating room for correction. Clay studied theatre design courses in University and he still uses this to date in his work as an audio engineer. Learn more:

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