The Evolution of Doe Deere

January 6, 2017

From pink to purple to blue to yellow blonde to lavender to bright red, Doe Deere changes hair colors regularly. As the president of Lime Crime, vegan and cruelty-free makeup, Doe Deere leads the current fashion trends by making bright makeup colors popular. Her lip colors are a good example of that variety: “Blondie” is the palest of pinks, “Salem” is a wickedly dark red, and “Red Rose” is exactly the color you’d expect.

Doe Deere is originally from Russia. She immigrated here as a seventeen year old teen, just in time to embrace American culture. Deere attended FIT as a fashion design student contributing to her interest in making fashion statements. Now, through Lime Crime, she shakes up the fashion world seasonally.

She started Lime Crime in 2008. As the CEO, she forges the way by introducing bold makeup colors close to her heart. The mini velvetiness come in a selection of colors ranging from blue velve-tin to fuchsia velve-tin to red velve-tin, champagne and pink velve-tin. These lipsticks are transfer proof and they also come in three additional irresistible colors: “Lola”, a sandy beige matte, “Pink Champagne”, a golden pink metallic and “Elle”, apricot nude matte. These colors represent a large portion of available fashion colors for the lips.

The looks she promotes directly follow her carefree yet ambitious spirit. From a young age that ambition was reflected in her desire to produce music. She began her work career with the Toronto-based band, Crystal Castles. From there she moved into makeup. This was her third venture, at thirteen in Russia; Doe Deere sold removable tattoos to her teen peers. Always taking a step in the entrepreneurial direction, Deere will probably reinvent herself once more as her career continues. She’ll probably always have her hand in the makeup field, but the transformations will still shock and move the public in new directions.

Just like Doe Deere has reinvented herself from one career to another, she’ll change her makeup line to make new inroads in fashion trends. Watch and wait, in no time her name will be synonymous with cutting edge fashion.

One Comment

  • Adam Fred March 20, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    You can easily tell her interest in bright colors is innate and it shows in the makeup line. She’s a trend setter on her way to becoming a fashion icon in the 2000’s. There are so many things that has done to ensure that everything is working so well for them in the long run too.