The Impact of Madison Street Capital on the Investment Banking Sector

March 22, 2017

Madison Street Capital has been working so hard to ensure that the investment banking sector has transformed for the better. It has tried to ensure that there is transparency with its clients. As a result, there is a good and open relationship between the bank and the customers.


The firm has made sure that there are integrity, leadership and quality services in all its activities. Consequently, the organization delivers excellent corporate financial advisory services, valuation, and financial opinions to its clients. This firm has considered the emerging market as a significant opportunity that can help their customers grow. The high standard of services that the company offers has helped it gain much trust from its clients.


Clients have the opportunity of venturing into whatever business they choose with the assistance of the organization. Ares Security Corporation is a corporation based in Vienna, VA. It helps to set comprehensive security software measures through security risk management.


Madison Street Capital reputation for working with Ares Security Corporation for a long time by offering economic and investment ideas is perfect. In January 2017 Madison Street Capital arranged for minority recapitalization for Ares Security Corporation. The minority recapitalization was to be provided by Corbel Structured Equity Partners. Corbel Structured Equity Partners has over $95 million capital under its management. Reginald McGaugh, CEO of Madison Street Capital, was responsible for leading the transaction to ensure it was successful.


Ben Eazzetta, the president of Ares Security, complemented Madison Street Capital saying that he was so impressed by the work that they had completed for them in 2016. On the other hand, Reginald McGaugh said that Ares Security Corporation had been a good company and therefore its management team and board had challenged them to help them identify an appropriate financing partner. Also, Ben Eazetta was thankful to Madison Street Capital for helping them identify a safe venture. He also commented on how excited they were to work with the new capital structure.


Madison Street Capital has been operating for 12 years as a privately held company. As its profile has grown, so have its knowledge about the investment banking sector has increased. The firm gets involved in many business services like financial advisory, merger and acquisition advisory, and financial opinions. It does all these activities considering the set regulations.


Madison Street Capital has dedicated itself to ensuring that communities in the United States build strong businesses. Consequently, it has become easy to administer disasters and also recover easily from these disasters. In 2015, a total of 42 hedge deals were closed all over the world. The statistics exceeded the number that got recorded in 2014 by 12 transactions.


Karl D’Cunha, senior Managing Director at Madison Street Capital, said there they had various mechanisms to accommodate buyers and sellers. The conducive environment for hedging in 2015 became stronger in 2016 which made business even better.


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  • Marina Boone October 5, 2017 at 4:02 pm

    So much has been learned from the revelation of the financial genius at Madison Street Capital and that will continue over the years. The prospect that executive resume reports on the profiles of the professionals goes to show their passionate work. Effectively it will see more profitable and growing economy have the global impact as well as innovations.