The Luxurious Opportunities With The Traveling Vineyard

May 16, 2017

The Traveling Vineyard brings a unique experience to the comfort of your own home. This authentic, award-winning wine is able to be sampled and bought. Jumping on board this adventure comes with some exciting benefits. For starters, who wouldn’t want to get paid to go to wine tastings? Compensation for these wines range from 15%-35% on purchases.

Hosting events bring great deals and opportunities for the host. For every qualified event that reaches $150, the seller receives a 5 bottle tasting set for free. For parties earning minimum sales, the host can receive 10% off of their own purchase. Parties that earn $500, the host receives 25% off. Lastly, sales of $750 or higher earns the host a 50% off discount. All of these sales past the $150 mark earn the host their own free bottle of wine. With wine selections mostly in the $20 dollar area, this can be a very realistic opportunity.

The unique experience the Traveling Vineyard offers, if the “Try Before you buy.” Option. One cannot just go to their down the street liqueur store, or go to a wine tasting without having to purchase the full product, or spending large amounts of money on the wine tasting location. The Traveling Vineyard consultants are involved with their customers and always posting about currently specials the company is running. Many consultants will be able to give a preview into what different types of wine there are, though the Facebook live feed. This may be a great option for those who may be skeptical about dealing with anyone involved in sales. The opportunities with the Traveling vineyard are endless!

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