The prestigious career of Louis Chenevert at UTC

August 16, 2018

Louis Chênevert is the former CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), one of the major businesses in the world. UTC is famous for its operations in the aerospace industry. It is a top producer of aircraft engines which are used for commercial and military purposes. They have also been working with NASA in manufacturing equipment for space exploration.

Chênevert was right at the center of operation of this company for six years. Between 2008 and 20144, he took the company through a rough time in the global financial sector. Companies were closing down due to the global financial crisis of 2008. UTC did not suffer losses all this time because of the steps that were taken by Louis Chênevert to handle the situation.

His excellence in business management came from a combination of a number of things. His education, passion for business and entrepreneurship, and the urge to be successful pushed him to take extraordinary measures that guaranteed him success. He never accepted failure as an option.

Since he was born from a humble background, he knew that no one would assist him to become the person he wanted to be. Everything had to start and end with himself. It is such factors that made him apply hard work in everything that he was doing.

In the university, he studied production management at the Montreal University. He then proceeded to work for General Motors for 14 years as a production manager.

Louis Chênevert switched to the aerospace in 1993. He started by working at Pratt & Whitney Canada where he was responsible for the production of small jet engines. His performance in this Canadian subsidiary was excellent and attracted the attention of the main Pratt &Whitney in the United States. Chênevert had managed to bring down the cost of production in the company by 20 percent.

Louis Chênevert was hired by the main P&W which at the time was struggling with management or its operations. After he joined and assigned the role of executive vice president, he performed his duties diligently and even earned the position of the president in the company. He brought the production time of jet engines from two years to nine months.

All these accomplishments contributed to his appointment as CEO of UTC.

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