The Reputable Success of Hussain Sajwani and DAMAC Properties

September 26, 2017

Roots and Background of Hussain Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani’s father was a businessman owning pens and a watch store where he would work for long hours. His mother also participated in business through purchasing and selling ladies clothes in wholesale. As such, it seems he learned some business tips from his parents. Sajwani is a graduate of the University of Washington with a Bachelors in Economics. Hussain is a married man with four children. Hussain Sajwani who serves as the chairman and CEO of the DAMAC establishment was born in 1954 to a middle-class family in Dubai.


Career History of Hussain Sajwani


Regardless of that level of education, Sajwani has worked as a business man for most of his life. He thrived in the establishment of hotels and offering catering services to the many business people who would visit Dubai. In fact, following the closure of the Soviet Union, and the influx of people visiting Dubai, the hotels made significant profits and this also opened opportunities for real estate.


History of DAMAC


DAMAC group was first established in 1992 as a catering company with its headquarters in Dubai. However, DAMAC began to offer services related to real estate from 2002. The motivation was to tap the unexploited real estate and housing development opportunities which remained untapped.


It is a public company and among the best public companies in Dubai because of its consistent growth and ability to withstand the financial crisis. In fact, there is over two thousand staff with the DAMAC shares being traded in Dubai capital markets.


Remarkable Milestones of DAMAC Properties


The portfolio of DAMAC is over 44,000 units. Notably, there has been the construction of over sixteen thousand houses in various stages of the process. Further, DAMAC prides itself with its construction of over twelve thousand hotel apartments in the Middle East.


As a real estate owner, Sajwani has developed a close relationship with Trump over time to the extent that there was the establishment of Trump organization where golf courses are offered. The relationship has allowed Trump’s and Hussain’s family to be so close that they often visit each other. The Hussain Sajwani family has done a great deal of business together.


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