What Makes WEN By Chaz Unique?

March 20, 2017

WEN products were developed by stylist Chaz Dean. Working as the assistant to the manager of a Beverly Hills salon when he was just 21, he began to develop products for them. It was many years later that he discovered what is most unique about the products he’s made available.

At first Chaz Dean was using a similar formula to what other shampoos were using while trying to improve upon what was currently out there. Little by little, through experimentation on his own hair, he came to realize that the lather wasn’t necessary to clean and beautify hair. So he removed the harsh sulfates from the shampoo because he realized that is what stripped the hair of its own moisture and shine.

Always leaning toward a more natural lifestyle himself, he tried adding herbs to the formula and began working with a lab. He knew he was on to something. He continued the experiments and it was many years later that the initial product was launched.

The first product Chaz Dean perfected was the Cleansing Conditioner. Using the Cleansing Conditioner ensures that, at the very least, no further damage will be done to the hair. It’s so different than the harsher products that do contain sulfates most people were using. But he wasn’t satisfied with just the one product because he saw what people were doing to their hair with heat from their styling tools and the chemicals in hair color products to get the styles they wanted.

The WEN Hair line now includes other products based on the same philosophy, using natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. There’s now a styling creme, a mousse, a product to add shine and gloss, and a mist for replenishing. The packaging is very striking and there are three fragrant herbal formulas to choose from.

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